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PAPAPGINO is a distributor of baby and kids products. We are always searching for innovative, convenient and fashionable products to fulfill parents’ needs for their beloved babies. Our business activities include planning, importing and manufacturing of products which are designed based on unique ideas.


PAPAGINO brand has a wide variety of products including pacifiers, feeding goods and cutlery with very innovative and functional designs.

Animal Multi Pillow

They can be transformed into U-shaped pillows.
You can keep your child more comfortable while sitting or traveling with this charming Animal Neck Roll. You can also transform the U shape pillow to a cushion. At home, on the go, Animal Neck Roll is always with you and your precious child.


Huggable plush with a pacifier attached to it. Very adorable, your baby will love it!
You can choose from six animals, a giraffe, a monkey, a bear, a lamb, a pig and a lion!

Bright Starts

Bright Starts brand products are infused with the perfect combination of clever and engaging features, and are designed to spark smiles and laughter while developing your baby.


One of the most popular infant balls in the world!
Oball is an original, yet simple product designed to captivate and entertain little children while inspiring creativity and development. From balls to bead chasers and cars with unique designs, bold colors, and tactile intrigue, Oball puts a dynamic spin on playtime!


Taggies was born when a mom noticed her child's fascination with satin tags. Her observation blossomed into a world of favorite and beloved products. Rubbing Taggies soft, textured tags can provide the tactile stimulation that all babies crave for development while having an amazing calming effect on babies of all ages.

The World of Eric Carle

Since its first publication in 1969, The Very Hungry Caterpillar has been loved by children all over the world. Lovable VHC items will make your life with babies and children more fun!


Bilibo arouses curiosity, engages the imagination and playfully trains basic motor skills and balance. Both boys and girls find unlimited ways to play with Bilibo – using it to rock and spin in, hide under, sit on, tote with and peek through. Bilibo provides hours of fun, indoors and outdoors - all year round. Travel Bib Travel Bib will make mealtime fun anywhere and anytime. With an easy wipe down surface it is so easy to use at home or when you are out and about.

LittleLife toddler daysack

LittleLife toddler daysack helps your child learn to walk. Your toddler has limitless energy but isn’t quite in control of it yet! You’re giving your child freedom to roam in safety.

Zoobie Pets

A plush toy, comfy pillow, and a cozy blanket ALL-IN-ONE. Perfect for road excursions or just cuddling in bed. Zoobie Pets also makes for the ideal baby shower gift.

Wheely Bug

Wheely Bug goes backwards, forwards, sideways, and round and round. It also helps promote gross motor skills and balance like no other toy!


Simple & Smart! Minimonkey is a Dutch brand of baby products. Minimonkey strives to provide products that will make life easier for parents and babies.

Jumping Clay

Jumping Clay could possibly be the best air drying modeling clay in the world. It dries without cracking or crumbling and the colors can be mixed to create any shade you like. It's also completely non-toxic and mess-free as it only sticks it itself!


Hook it! Loop it! Easy make it! Clip it! Wear it! Friendship share it! Design your own custom-made jewelry in just minutes. With this kit from Bandaloom you and your kids will have hours upon hours of fun. You'll never run out of combinations for your own designs and cool creations! Make them for yourself and all of your friends, too.

Room & bath thermometer

Room & bath thermometer is a safe, easy and fun way to monitor the temperature of both the baby's room and bath. The cute design thermometer also has many functions such as a watch, timer, high/low temperature signal etc.

Angels Ribbon

Angel’s Ribbon is a baby product brand which will make you and your beloved children happy with cute and child friendly designs.

Elfa wooden toy series

Elfa is our own wooden toy brand. It is designed and developed to let children learn through play. Have fun and learn with Elfa wooden toys!